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Afton Spring Races
Our races March 21-22, Scored and Non-scored, at Afton are on!
9:19 am 05-12-15

Region 1 Athletes, Coaches, and Parents;

We are on for our final Region 1 race of the year. The Afton Spring Fling will happen this weekend. This is a great opportunity for one more in-region race and for 2nd year U14's to score. Coaches, please encourage your older athletes to attend and support the region with their points.

Scored Saturday - 1SL
Scored Sunday - 1SL

NonScored Saturday - 2SL
NonScored Sunday - 2SL

Preliminary Schedule:
(Confirmed Friday)
9:00 - Race Office Opens
10:00 - Lifts Spin
10:10 - Inspection
10:50 - Women's First Run
Men to follow women
2nd run to follow first

Trainers: 10:00, snow conditions permitting

Race day schedule information
twitter: @CR1Scored, and @CR1NonScored

Register on MyUSSA

Second year U14's, birth year 2001 can register for the scored race if they have a competition license. You can upgrade licenses on MyUSSA.

Spring rates $25 adult/$20 kids & senior lift tickets.
Purchase online: http://www.aftonalps.com/

Registration will open Tuesday evening on SkiFast.
1 set of volunteers per race, both genders.
You will get a break between runs while we reset and inspect

Saturday - 37 / 25, Sunny
Sunday - 44 / 30, Sunny

Rick Shideman
Chief of Race

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Welcome to Central Region 1 of the United States Ski and Snowboard Association! Our Region is comprised of all of Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Iowa west of route 63. Region 1 alpine athletes begin at local USSA races by age group - some as young as six years old - then racers advance by age to divisional and regional level races. Qualified U21 & U18 class racers advance to our MidAmerica Series in Central with selections from there to U18 National Championships, NorAms, the U.S. Alpine Championships, the World Cup and ultimately the Olympics!

It is possible to begin racing in our local USSA races and move up the pathway to the U.S. Ski Team.

The Age Classifications for this coming season: Year of Birth 1993-Older are still Seniors; YOB 1994-1996 will be U21; YOB 1997-1998 will be U18; YOB 1999-2000 will be U16; YOB 2001-2002 will be U14; YOB 2003-2004 will be U12; 2005-Younger will be U10.

For more information on how you can be involved in Region 1 racing, click on the link for registration and complete it online. If you have questions, call 651-321-4918. You must complete both the national (USSA) and regional registrations before you can begin racing!

Get ready for another awesome racing season in Central Region 1! Make sure you have already completed membership for USSA and if you're 16 and over, for FIS (if you have questions, talk to your coaches). Region 1 registrations and information is online now! Click Registration link at the left.


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